Sunday, October 13, 2019

Crilly Butler, Owner and Web Developer, Develomation



Develomation has been in the business of creating beautiful and effective Web sites and Web-based applications since 1997. Its focus is on individual, small business, and non-profit sites, customized to reflect your vision, personality and brand. No project is too small or unworthy of great attention and care, and no project is so large or complex that it can't be well-organized and efficient for its users.


My background is in interpersonal communication, which is unusual for an Information Technology professional. That is why I can work closely and collaboratively with you in a way that is comfortable, productive, and enjoyable. Crilly Butler, owner of DevelomationTogether, we will analyze your needs and design your perfect Web solution. Clear communication is at the heart of effective Web development, and leads to satisfaction and success.

I am also certified by Human Factors International as a Usability Analyst, after completing 80 hours of coursework and passing a grueling 2 1/2 hour exam covering User-Centered Analysis and Design, Practical Usability Testing, the Science and Art of Effective Web and Application Design, and Putting Research Into Practice.

My years of technical training and experience have enabled me to take on large and challenging projects. I was the technical lead for the development team that built California's first government Extranet (essentially a private, secure Internet site). My team received one of the Year 2000 "Innovations in Technology" awards, presented by Computerworld and the Smithsonian Institution. Our software was inducted into the Smithsonian's permanent research collection, and I had the honor of travelling to Washington DC to attend the award ceremony and receive this distinctive medal.

More recently, I was a contributor to the design team that developed California's new Web site, which competed for the Center for Digital Government's "Best of the Web" achievement award in the State Portal category, and won First Place, beating submissions from all across the United States.

Still, I get my greatest satisfaction from helping individuals and small businesses create Web sites that give them everything they need both in content and technology, without the exorbitant costs or lengthy development time you might expect. Your perfect site is well within reach!

Customer Service

Working with me, you will be surprised at what a delightful, interesting and rewarding experience you can have building a Web site that fully and accurately represents you or your business. Your site will be distinctive, full-featured, and offer a wonderful experience to your site visitors, customers or clients. Contact me with any questions that you might have! It'll be good to hear from you.


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