Sunday, October 13, 2019


Wendy Blair, Rose Hill Bed and Breakfast, Roanoke, VA
I may have mentioned it a time or a hundred, but I am still amazed at how many of my guests comment on what a beautiful and easy to navigate Web site you created for me. They actually enjoy browsing through! Your design has been remarkably successful for me too. I credit your Web site with enabling me to meet my initial three-year goal for guest numbers by the end of the first 18 months. Four years and still going strong. Hooray for both of us.


Charles Booz, Past-President, Greater Sacramento Capitol Chapter, ARMA International
The Greater Sacramento Capitol ARMA Chapter needed a website that provided a wide array of functionality to serve its membership, but lacked the necessary in-house expertise. Dispersed over a large geographical area, the Chapter needed a virtual forum to provide its membership with access to timely information and training. We were fortunate to make the acquaintance of Crilly Butler, an accomplished website developer, who guided us during the initial design and who’s continued support has allowed the Chapter to explore and experiment with new ideas and technologies. Crilly’s patient flexibility allowed these ideas to grow and flourish.

Today, this website is the primary focus of our activities and resources. It continues to grow in functionality as the membership, board of directors, and Crilly work to improve its relevance. Moreover, the website has enabled the Chapter membership to grow and advertising revenues to increase, which in turn serves the financial and spiritual health of the Chapter. All of this has been accomplished with virtually no stress or difficulty, due to the great relationship that the Chapter has established with its Webmaster—Crilly Butler.


Susan Shelton, Ceramic Artist
Working with Crilly on creating my website was a great experience from start to finish! In addition to having extensive knowledge, experience, and technical skills in website design and management, Crilly loves what he does and enjoys working with people. He is a very friendly person, and can make even talk about I.T. and HTML pleasant and enjoyable.

Throughout our project, Crilly stressed that what he wanted was to create a website that was exactly what I wanted. I found him to be a good listener, and also very skilled at providing the guidance and information I needed to organize my materials and ideas, and to develop a more concrete concept of the website I wanted. He always struck the perfect balance between making suggestions and being completely open to my own ideas and making the changes I requested. Crilly was organized and prepared for every meeting, and very good at letting me know what he needed from me next, thus making what at times seemed to be a daunting task, very manageable. Finally, Crilly works hard and very efficiently. He really cares about the process as well as the final outcome, and I have no doubt that he would do his best at any job he undertakes.

In short, Crilly inspires a string of superlatives, and he could not have earned a higher recommendation from me!


Terry Colborn, Birding Expert and Tour Guide
Crilly Butler’s expert-level knowledge of website design and his technical skills, along with his clear understanding of what I wanted from my new site, assured me that my website would be perfect for attracting and retaining potential customers for my fledging birding tours business. As a technological neophyte, I welcomed his unique insights during the planning stage. Crilly walked me through each step of the site’s development, making invaluable recommendations to improve the overall look and function. My updates and changes are posted within hours, not days. I've watched the number of visitors climb steadily, and my tours fill up. I highly recommend Crilly Butler for your website development and management needs.

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