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"10 Lessons Learned" -- Journal of Defense Software Engineering

- Saturday, November 9, 2013
Despite an abundance of data in numerous internal and external systems, the California Department of Fish and Game struggled over the years to assemble this information into coherent and meaningful representations of its core business. A highly successful data warehouse project has largely resolved this problem. read more ...

Crilly Butler is Human Factors International's "CUA of the Month"

- Saturday, November 9, 2013
We have all seen the impact of poor communication in our lives. Sometimes, our friends, family, or coworkers don't share the information we need to make decisions or accomplish chores. Luckily, with a bit of discussion, these issues can usually be worked out. However, when an entire organization is subdivided by electronic walls, nobody can see a way out. Nobody, that is, except Crilly Butler Jr., the Intranet Webmaster, Data Warehouse and Document Library Administrator for the California Department of Fish and Game...  read more ...

ARMAsac Website underdoing major revamp

- Saturday, November 9, 2013

Develomation is undertaking a major Web site redesign for the Greater Sacramento Capitol Chapter of ARMA International.  ARMA is devoted to education and networking in the fields of records and document management, information governance, document conversion and others.  Develomation took over management and maintenance of their Web site in 2007, implementing a major site redesign using the DotNetNuke content management system.

The newly-deployed Web site will consist of a major upgrade to DotNetNuke and the skin package it employs, continuing to provide a wealth of accurate and timely content, with the addition of a "Wow Factor".  Stay tuned to, as the new site should be "live" by the end of the month.

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